About Us 

Christmas Hope is a collaboration of six agencies that work to ensure that less-fortunate members of our community get everything they need to feel hope and joy during the Christmas season.

The Christmas Hope partnership is comprised of Interfaith Food Bank, Lethbridge Food Bank, Lethbridge Family Services Angel Tree, Volunteer Lethbridge, The Salvation Army, and My City Care Shop of Wonders. This partnership strives to make the most of resources and donations while reducing duplication of services. 


“Every gift we receive creates roots, gathers momentum and spreads the spirit of Christmas giving further; this positive energy inspires so many others to do the same. So many people truly want to help Christmas Hope organizations deliver a magical experience for every family.”

Michelle Gallucci

Director of Advancement & Communications

Lethbridge Family Services

Angel Tree Christmas Campaign Manager


"The families we serve get to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Our heart is that every family that needs help has an opportunity to take part in the Christmas season. They all get to sit under the tree Christmas morning and feel like a child again. We may through our initiatives be providing things like food and toys, what we really deliver is hope, dignity and wonder.”

Jennifer Tribble

MyCityCare Director for Alberta

“We joined with Christmas Hope because it stands for community and connection. That is the heart of Christmas, Christmas Hope, and Volunteer Lethbridge.”

“When each agency can focus on what they do best, we are really able to stretch our resources, and we are able to provide a more consistent and festive experience for those we serve.”

“We feel blessed to be a part of bringing Christmas Hope to our community! Giving hope today.”

Chelsea Eastman
Volunteer Programs Manager

Volunteer Lethbridge

Danielle McIntyre

Executive Director

Interfaith Food Bank

Donald Bergen

Community & Family Services Manager

Salvation Army